June 23, 2017

Art Wednesdays in Battery Park City June 21st

I love the free adult art program sponsored by the Battery Park City Conservancy from May through October.  On Wednesday mornings I stop briefly in Wagner Park to draw individual flowers in bloom.  Maybe someday I will grow to like painting landscapes.

Wagner Park iris variant:


Multiple Flowers in Bloom this week:   


In the afternoon I go to Figure Drawing sessions which are held in South Cove, also in Battery Park City.

Short Poses (5-10 minutes):


Longer Poses (10-20 minutes): 


On the hottest days in NYC, there is always shade and a lovely breeze in the afternoon.   


June 20, 2017

Annual Family Beach Weekend

We just returned from our Family Weekend at the Beach.  We had a wonderful time with our 3 children, their spouses, and all 8 grandchildren.  Although my husband and I took our regular beach walks, one morning with our oldest grandson Henry, I never seemed to get around to sketching.  But we did get photos - one of the most difficult things with our big group.

Our 3 children - Jason, Rachel, and Noah - parents of all 8 grandchildren.  


Barry and I (celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary) and all 8 grandchildren - ages 4-14: 


Left to Right: Robbie, Callum, William on my lap, Annabelle, Barry, Zachary, Henry, and Charlie on Sydney's lap. 


June 16, 2017

Figure Drawing at Battery Park City

It is good to be back at the weekly Figure Drawing in South Cove.  These are 5 two minute poses of Gloria, one of my favorite models.


And these are two 10 minute poses:


Gloria 2 


June 13, 2017

Sketchbook Skool 6 Homework

I signed up for Sketchbook Skool 6 - Exploring - realizing that I was going to be in Venice after Week 2.  After our return I completed watching each session, but then left for the beach and my beloved beach shells.  The Homework from those weeks will be fun to do after I stop traveling.

Here are my quick homework assignments for Danny's Class on Hatching and Nina Johansson's Class on Drawing your neighborhood.

I don't usually add crosshatching to my drawings - I love watercolor too much.  This was the scene from my couch for the hatching homework.


The day before we left for Venice I went to Christie's Auction Preview and saw this Picasso etching - an amazing example of crosshatching that I thought I would share.


La Minotauromachie  (1935)


I remembered an old fashioned ice cream parlor/candy shop/luncheonette in my neighborhood and decided to sketch it as a treasure of our neighborhood.  Malted Milks, Fountain Sodas, and a counter to sit at - reminds me of other similar places from my childhood. Lexington%20Candy%20ShopSIZE.jpg 

June 9, 2017

More Beach Sketchbook Pages

This was our 9th annual beach vacation with two couples that we've known FOREVER.  We go for early morning 2 mile beach walks, stop for coffee and breakfast on the ride back to the house, and then just relax and cook during most of the days.  We read LOTS!  And discuss children, grandchildren, politics, and memories as we struggle to recall events in the past, which then means someone googles the information. 

We ate another dinner at a local Sports Bar/Restaurant and I mixed together things I could see from my seat for this drawing.



There are many deer seen in the area, and even deer jumping on the dunes at the beach.  Two mornings, around 6-7AM, I saw a reasonable size doe eating her way across my daughter's row of bushes.  She reached as high as should could, so there are many low branches that have no leaves and still green tops. 


June 6, 2017

At The Beach

We haven't had such rainy/cloudy weather at the beach during this week in June for many years.  But we are still walking 2 miles on the beach in the morning, but then go indoors to the Citarella Café for Coffee and breakfast.  This is my ongoing breakfast menu over several days.



I found a channel whelk on the beach one morning and just had to paint both the front and back sides of the shell.  I also found Common Whelk egg cases - a new mystery for me to solve. 


The dunes are covered with blooming Beach Peas and I stopped to draw a few small flowers.


June 2, 2017

Long Island Beach Vacation 2017

We are at the beach for our annual June vacation - lots of early morning beach walks, visiting with friends, relaxing, and eating.  The first two days were foggy for our early morning walk on Cooper's Beach, today we had glorious sun and 54 degrees!


I love walking on the beach - watching the ocean, listening to the surf, studying the flight of the sea gulls, collecting shells, and learning about marine biology from the washed up specimens.  I collected the commonly found mid-Atlantic shells since we arrived and painted each of them in my summer travel sketchbook.



This morning I found a large whelk shell and a faux angel wing - both more uncommon on the beaches here.  I washed both shells and will allow them to dry before I paint them for my next blog post. 

I have a category on the blog that includes all of the previous sketchbook paintings from the beach - shells, and several big mysteries that it took us a while to solve.  I was also amazed at the photos of our grandchildren through the years!




May 29, 2017

Sketching Sculptures

I like to draw sculpture when I am in art exhibits, and recently sketched several sculptures, and then painted around them in my sketchbook, leaving them as single line drawings.  Henry Moore made many Mother and Child sculptures and I love all of them.  This small one was in the Impressionist and Modern Auction at Christies, estimated selling price $70-90,000. 


Argentinian artist Adrian Villar Rojas created this year's Met Rooftop Garden this summer.  He spent months at the Met collecting nearly 100 pieces of art from various parts of the world and different centuries.  Each was then resized, recreated by 3D printing and other similar techniques, and combined with large human figures in many combinations.  Each piece was painted with multiple layers of car paint to protect them outdoors. As I understand it, he is representing art that is now no longer in context and deconstructing the Museum by the combinations created creating a labyrinth. 


I liked one of the black sculptures which included a recumbent Indian youth and multiple small female figures on and around him.  Here are three of the figures I really liked.   




May 26, 2017

Drawing "Constantly Moving" People in Venice 2017

These are the sketchbook pages that I did of constantly Moving Preople, as contrasted with my Architectural Sketches done while sitting and having coffee, wine, or dinner.  I like figure drawing and I love trying to capture some aspect of people who I'm watching when they are in constant motion. 

Musica Palazzo:  The Barber of Seville at a Palazzo on the Grand Canal.  There was a small audience and moved through 4 rooms as we watched.  I was never more than 10 feet away from the singers.  Fun!


Our Tour Guide from a long walk through Cannaregio:


Cellist From Chamber Orchestra at Chiesa San Vidal - mostly Vivaldi Concertos.  Excellent and we even got an encore. 


I almost filled my sketchbook, but thought these 3 blog posts captured my favorite Venice scenes and how I made time for sketching while on vacation. 

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